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    Dakea - Owner of Phoebe's Mediterranean Restaurant Kingscliff

    PleaseMeet Dakea

    Phoebe’s Mediterranean House Owner
    and Qualified Chef

    Phoebe’s Mediterranean House is a restaurant of quality food, local produce, friendly service and a relaxed ambience. We wish to provide you an amazing experience of traditional Mediterranean & Greek infused cuisine, from the many appeasing destinations located throughout the Mediterranean.
    Since a young age I have been amazed with the food, flavours, desserts and art of this incredible region. These key elements have influenced me to follow a career into the Food Industry. Starting at the age of 15 with an apprenticeship, my passion and determination pushed me to be a fully qualified Chef by the age of 18. I continue to learn more about the Mediterranean Culture and Cuisine and I wish to share all of that with you.
    When I had the opportunity to own my own business at first I was excited, scared and nervous. But most of all I am inspired to learn how to run a business and to learn more about the Mediterranean Culture. The name “Phoebe’s” (Mediterranean House) is the Latinized form of Greek name “Phoibe” which means bright & pure. In the Greek mythology Phoibe was a Greek Moon Goddess.

    Welcome to our stylish establishment!!
    I look forward to catching up with you at your next celebration.


    Pleasemeet my Friendly, Professional and Hard Working Team.


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